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Our company is specialied in chemical powder manufacturing industrial for 12 years. Our thermosetting and thermoplastic powder are widely used by buyers from more than 40 countries with good reputation. Besides common powder, we are able to supply special and popular chemical powder like fusion boned epoxy paint, glow in the dark paint, mirror chrome powder, FDA approved powder paint, high temperature resistant powder coating ect. Also we are very skilled in shipping chemical powder with firm packing, to make sure powder will be always primary form until buyers reveive it. We are looking for long term cooperation with our customers, thus we have our standard quality and good after sale service. Thanks for choosing us as your reliable suppliers. We will be very happy to provide you solution related to powder coatings. We won't let you down.

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Powder coating formula

Powder coating is made of resin, filler, pigment and addivitives ect. ... + Read more

Pre-treatment before powder coating

The main purpose of pre-treating the metal surface prior to powder coating is -Thoroughly remove all foreign matter such as iron filings, grease, cutting fluid, dirt, welding slag, etc.The surface is treated to make it suitable for powder coating. ... + Read more

What are the characteristics of electrostatic spray thermosetting powder?

What are the characteristics of electrostatic spray thermosetting powder? The successful application of powder coatings depends on the equipment parameters as well as the nature, composition and state of the powder. ... + Read more

What are the advantages of powder coatings?

What are the advantages of powder coatings? Powder coatings can be used immediately You can use our powder immediately. It is not necessary to mix with solvents, catalysts, and the like. If you want to save time, then this is the best solution. ... + Read more

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