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What is the current status of powder coating market wordwide?

What is the current status of powder coating market wordwide?

   At present, the market share of powder coatings in China is not large compared to other types of coatings. However, in the relatively mature industrial coating field, powder coating is one of the few products that can maintain a high growth rate.

There are three main markets for powder coatings in the world, namely Europe, the United States and Japan. However, due to historical reasons and raw material utilization factors, these regions have developed different product systems.

   In the United States and Europe, "mixed" powder coatings based on carboxylic acid polyester and epoxy resin are the most popular for indoor use. In North America, lawn and garden facilities products are also important markets, accounting for about 7% of the entire powder coating market. The ordinary metal surface coating industry is the largest market for powder coatings, accounting for about 50% of the overall market share.

  The home appliance industry is an important application area of powder coatings. In the United States, the application of home appliances occupies 17% of the entire powder coating market.

   In recent years, the application development of powder coatings in the automotive industry has also been very rapid.

Other market applications of powder coatings also include anticorrosive powder coatings used in pipelines and for reinforcing threaded steel bars. These powder coatings are mainly based on pure epoxy systems (fusion type). Such powder coating varieties are almost neglected in the European rebar market. No matter in terms of technology or market demand, this market field still has a broad space for development.
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