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High glossy transparent acrylic powder coating

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High glossy transparent acrylic powder coating

Product name : Acrylic powder coatings

Color : Clear top coat

Product Description :It is a series of clear powder coatings designed for OEM automotive wheel applications. They provide excellent smoothness and appearance, corrosion and chemical resistance and mechanical properties. Acrylic topcoats are known for their ease of application and have a long track record of performance on road wheels

Powder properties

Type : Acrylic

Gloss : 90 min

Specific gravity : 1.15 +/-0.05g/cm³

Coverage: 7-12 sq meters

Storage : < 70° F

Shelf life : Under dry, cool (<21°C) conditions, at least 8 months from production date.

Cure Schedule : 17 minutes at 180 ℃

Test Conditions Substrate :

Aluminium Pretreatment : chrome conversion or non-chrome

Cure schedule : 17 minutes at 180 ℃

Film thickness : 50-60 microns

Testing condition : The results shown above are based on mechanical and chemical tests which (unless otherwise indicated) have been carried out under laboratory conditions and are given for guidance only. Actual product performance will depend upon the circumstances under which the product is used.

Mechanical tests

Flexibility : 1/8" mandrel ASTM D522

Adhesion : 100% ASTM D3359

Hardness : H-2H minimum ASTM D3363

Impact (direct) : 50kg*cm ASTM D2794

Chemical tests

Salt spray : 1000 hours ASTM B117

Humidity : 240 hours ASTM D2247

Exterior Durability : 4 years of Floridia

Substrate pre-treatment

Aluminum substrate must be clean and free from grease. For maximum protection, it is essential to pre-treat components prior to the application. OEM aluminum wheels, requrie a non-chromate conversion coating prior to application.


It can be applied by manual or automatic electrostatic spray equipment. Unused powder can be reclaimed using suitable equipment and recycled through the coating system.

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